If you are a young couple who wants a child, being sexually fertile is not enough. If you want your child to one day stand out in a crowd, you need to nurture the quality of your fertility. This ‘nurturing’ is not like saving money in a bank account. You identify and explore the power of creativity. At the physical level it could be the seed and the ovum that lead to a human baby. At the mental level it could be a will that starts a revolution. At the emotional level it could be a passion that makes one offer his life on a cross. At the intellectual level it could be an inspiration that may compel someone to compose a great epic or discover a new metaphysical possibility. At the spiritual level it could be compassion that may lead our civilisation to a higher level of consciousness. And that gives us a glimpse of BRAHMACHARYA, a word that does not have an English equivalent. “Celibacy’ is not only a poor substitute but totally misleading. ‘Self control’ is akin to suppression that invariably leads to complex personal and social problems. ‘Restraint’ is a better word but is still too far from the target. Starting from puberty the instinctive character of our vital energy is to flow downwards. That is the natural precondition of our physical reproduction. But the urge to evolve is a stronger motivation for many. The art of Brahmacharya teaches us not only to stem the downward tide but to reverse the flow back towards the Source. The force behind any sexual instinct is a deep rooted desire to unite. But the pleasure that we derive from a physical intercourse is merely an adulterated drop of the vast ocean of pure ecstasy that we experience in the Pineal. There are degrees in this process. For a sincere monk the rules may be strict. For a householder they are more flexible. But our Rishis advise us against overindulgence. Do not turn sex into a sport. Treat it with respect and humility. Explore it either for your sadhana or to bring evolved offsprings on this planet. Overindulgence in youth weakens the potency of the seed and the health of the ovary. When we try to understand our drive for union we are not only talking about the mating instincts of a man and a woman. We are also talking about an artist and his sculpture, an artisan and his craft, a scientist and his experiment, an athlete and his practice, a mother and her child, a chef and his innovation, a meditator and his consciousness, a devotee and the divine