The Healing Power of Love


“What is life without the radiance of love?”

Friedrich Schiller


Ancient traditions have always acknowledged the importance of the mind, body and spirit. Health was seen as the harmonious workings of these three aspects of a person. The aim of my work over the years has been to understand and determine the principles needed for successful living, which I define as the ability to gain and maintain, health, happiness, success and ultimately fulfilment.


As humans, whether we are conscious of it or not, we seek health, happiness, success and fulfilment. On my own personal journey, and through my research with differing client groups over the years, I have found seven key principles to be essential for successful living. Each of these principles can be found in both ancient and contemporary teaching.


  1. Connection to the Creator
  2. Insight and Vision
  3. Communication
  4. Love and Compassion
  5. Confidence
  6. Self esteem and expression
  7. Action and manifestation


Love, falls in the centre of the seven principles and can have a major impact on our health and success. Humans have a boundless capacity for love and through strengthening this powerful force within ourselves we harness the ability to create inner harmony and healing. The power of love when extended can embrace love of God, self-love, love of others, love of our communities and the world in which we live. Quantum physics tells us that everything is made from energy. We are energy beings and one of the most powerful forces that nourishes and sustains us is love.


What does it really mean to love? It is said that to love another, we must first learn to love ourselves. To love ourselves fully, we must stop looking outside for answers and search within. We must acknowledge the love and beauty that permeates and surrounds us.


Love is the devotion of parents to their children, a house turned into a welcoming home and the smell of wholesome cooking. The presence of an empathic healer, the healing touch of a loving hand, the voice of wisdom heard in the silence of meditation.


Beauty is both within and around us at all times. It is harmony of body, mind and spirit; the flow of energy pulsating through your entire being, the fullness of the moon or the beating of a drum. It is the inspiring flow of poetry and laughter from your belly that shakes your whole body. It’s an upright spine and the rhythm of a confident step.


Today more than ever we need to reclaim our ancient wisdom and knowledge. We must tap the well of traditional medicine, mythology, healing techniques, and environmental studies.


The planet and her people are living in times of major change our very survival is dependent on raising the collective consciousness of humanity. We must shift from conflict and war to love and compassion. In order to do this we need to unite the old with the new. The richness of the ages must be drawn together to create a synergy that utilises the accumulated knowledge of ancient tradition, religion and science. As we evolve rather than dismissing that which went before, a respect must be cultivated for traditions that have stood the test of time.


After repudiating ancient wisdom, science is now validating many teachings of the ancients. What the ancient yogis referred to as ether is now being called the A field or the quantum vacuum. The existence of energy fields is recognised in the holographic principle. Binary systems as used in African and Chinese divination form the basis of computer (digital) technology. Crystals continue to be used in modern medicine as components of lasers.


We must re-learn the secrets and mysteries that connect us to the earth. Love is living in harmony with our environment and the elements that give us life. All over the world Yoga, healing arts, natural medicine, ecology and spiritual awareness are growing in popularity. Because modern living is bringing the world to its knees, people are crying out for greater knowledge, balance and harmony.


We are in a time of ultimate change; we have the knowledge and the opportunity to create a path of love and wisdom on which our children can follow. Like any path, be it in the bush, the city or the collective psyche, as it gets well trodden it becomes easier for those that travel behind to advance.


Let love permeate your very being and radiate out from your very soul touching all those around you. Commit to making a difference in your life, in your work, your community and in the world. You are a Divine human being, blessed with the healing power of love.


As we stand at the crossroads of major change, let us unite the ancient with the new. Let us embrace the richness of ancient healing traditions. Let us go forward carrying the wisdom of times past. Let us build a spiritual technology with love at its heart that will support people and generations to come. A technology for successful living that will allow us to gain and maintain, health, happiness, success and ultimately fulfilment.