We are deeply moved to announce the upcoming release of Where Olive Trees Weep, our new film, accompanied by 21 days of Talks on Palestine. It is a heart project we have been working on for the past two years. In 2022, we followed Dr. Gabor Mate and traveled to the occupied West Bank with our film crew, to document his trauma-healing work with a group of Palestinian women tortured in Israeli prisons.

The film offers a powerful and intimate look into the lives of those affected by the occupation, exploring themes of loss, trauma, and the ongoing quest for justice.

It gives background to the current crisis in Israel/Palestine and brings to light the lives of people we met under the brutality of the occupation. Their universally human stories speak of intergenerational pain, trauma, and resilience. We hope they touch your heart, stir compassion and understanding, and give rise to a pursuit for justice. For without justice, peace remains an empty slogan.

The film is our modest contribution towards a greater vision for an end to the occupation in Palestine, the attainment of equal rights and fair treatment for Palestinian people, and the spreading of healing for all intergenerational cycles of trauma in the region.

We invite you to watch the film trailer.

You can register for the film premiere and the 21-day program on a donation basis.

June 6–27, 2024


The film will be accompanied by 21 days of conversations on Palestine including panels, music, poetry and more.

We hope that this documentary will shed light on the realities of life under occupation and inspire meaningful conversations about the urgent need for justice and peace.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to sharing this important work with you during these harrowing times.

With love and solidarity,
Zaya, Maurizio & the SAND team