Internal Family Sistems community is a global community with partners and providers all over the world. Their Partners in Russia bravely support the Ukrainian community as well as other neighboring territories. At this time of conflict and war, The IFS Institute and the IFS Community extend our support and love to the people of Ukraine and Russia who are impacted by the violence happening there.

At the 2021 IFS Conference, three presenters from Eastern Europe, including IFS Assistant Trainer Irina Diyankova shared about the history of oppression and cultural traumas in Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. They spoke with courage and bravery, and IFS community was honored to learn from them.

Together with Irina, Iryna and Eliza, they wanted to share this workshop with the larger IFS community to bring greater attention to the cultural burdens and trauma these countries hold. They want to extend our support to not only these presenters, but our partners in Russia, and everyone in the IFS community in the midst of this crisis and learn from their experiences.