Il Californian Institute of Integral Studies ha recentemente offerto quest’incontro video tra Thomas Hübl, esperto internazionale di dinamiche comunitarie per la risoluzione dei traumi e Brian Swimme docente di cosmologia evolutiva al CIIS. Dalla prospettiva della comunità umana come sistema, al sistema universo.

“We are living through a global challenge where collective trauma layers are being reactivated. It’s important that we meet this moment with presence and awareness.

Trauma is both an individual and a collective issue, but we are often unaware of our collective trauma because we are born into a world that has already been traumatized. Only when we consciously look at our world and unpack the larger story of the human experience and our place in the universe, can we understand our collective trauma and discover insights for healing.

It will be so interesting to hear Thomas Hübl speak with Brian Swimme for this exploration of trauma through the perspective of how understanding the cosmos can illuminate new paths for healing.”